For your convenience, here is a quick guide to common Public Safety and telecommunications acronyms and their meanings:

1XRTT - Single carrier (1x) Radio Transmission Technology

3G - Third generation wireless

AASHTO - American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials

ACSB - Amplitude Compandered Single Sideband

AGILE - Advanced Generation of Interoperability for Law Enforcement

AM - Amplitude Modulation

AMPS - Advanced Mobile Phone System

ANSI - American National Standards Industry

APCO - Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials, International

ATIS - Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions

AuC - Authentication Center

AVL - Automatic Vehicle Location

BJA - Bureau of Justice Assistance

BJS - Bureau of Justice Statistics

CAD - Computer-aided Dispatch

CALEA - Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies

CALEA - Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act

CAPRAD - Computer Assisted Pre-coordination Resource and Database

CCITT - International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee

CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access

CDPD - Cellular Digital Packet Data

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

COPS - Community Oriented Policing Services

COTS - Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software

CPG - Converged Packet Gateway
CRADA - Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (from the NTIA's Public Safety Research Center)

CTCSS - Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System

CDCSS - Continuous Digital-Coded Squelch System

DAWS - Digital Advanced Wireless Services

dB - Decibel

DoC - Department of Commerce

DoD - Department of Defense

DOJ - Department of Justice

DOT - Department of Transportation

DSP - Digital Signal Processing

EHF - Extremely High Frequency

EIR - Equipment Identity Register

EIS - Environmental Impact Statement

EMS - Emergency Medical Service

EPC - Evolved Packet Core

ERP - Effective Radiated Power

ESA - Endangered Species Act

ESMR - Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio

ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

FCCA - Forestry Conservation Communication Association

FDMA - Frequency Division Multiple Access

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

FLEWUG - Federal Law Enforcement Wireless Users Group

FM - Frequency Modulation

FSK - Frequency Shift Keying

GEO - Geosynchronous Earth Orbit

GHz - Gigahertz (1 billion cycles per second)

GITSB - Government Information Technology Services Board

GPRS - General Packet Radio Service

GPS - Global Positioning System

GSA - General Services Administration

GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications

HALE - High Altitude Long Endurance

HAP - High Altitude Platform

HF - High Frequency

HLR - Home Location Register

HSS - Home Subscriber Server

Hz - Hertz (cycles per second)

IACP - International Association of Chiefs of Police

IAFC - International Association of Fire Chiefs

ICS - Incident Command System

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

IGA - Intergovernmental Agreement

IM - Intermodulation

IMSA - International Municipal Signal Association

ISP - Internet Service Provider

JPA - Joint Powers Authority

KHz - Kilohertz (1,000 cycles per second)

LAN - Local Area Network

LCRA - Lower Colorado River Authority

LEAA - Law Enforcement Assistance Administration

LEO - Low Earth Orbit, also Law Enforcement Online

LLEBG - Local Law Enforcement Block Grants

LOS - Line of Sight

MBTA - Migratory Bird Treaty Act

MEO - Medium Earth Orbit

MESA - Mobile Broadband for Emergency and Safety Applications

MHz - Megahertz (1 million cycles per second)

MIU - Mobile Imaging Unit

MME - Mobile Management Entity

MSC - Mobile Switching Center

MTSO - Mobile Telephone Switching Office

NAMPS - Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System

NASTD - National Association of State Telecommunications Directors

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NCC - National Coordination Committee

NENA - National Emergency Number Association

NCIC - National Crime Information Center

NCJRS - National Criminal Justice Reference Service

NCS - National Communications Systems

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act

NENA - National Emergency Number Association

NHPA - National Historic Preservation Act

NIC - Network Interface Card

NIJ - National Institute of Justice

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

NLECTC - National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center

NPSPAC - National Public Safety Planning Advisory Committee

NPSTC - National Public Safety Telecommunications Council

NSS - Network Switching Subsystem

NTIA - National Telecommunications and Information Administration

OET - Office of Engineering and Technology

OJJDP - Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

OJP - Office of Justice Programs

OLES - Office of Law Enforcement Standards

OSS-RC - Operations Support System-Radio and Core

OST - Office of Science and Technology

OTAR - Over-The-Air-Rekeying

PAN - Personal Area Network

PBX - Private Branch Exchange

PCMCIA - Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PCRF - Policy and Charging Rules Function

PCS - Personal Communications System

PDA - Personal Digital Assistant

PGW - Packet Data Network Gateway

PLMRS - Private Land Mobile Radio Service

POCSAG - Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group

PSAP - Public Safety Access Point (such as 911 Call Center or dispatch)

PSCC - Public Safety Coordinating Council

PSPP - Public Safety Partnership Project

PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network

PSWAC - Public Safety Wireless Advisory Committee

PSWN - Public Safety Wireless Network

RAN - Radio Access Network

RF - Radio Frequency

RFI - Request for Information

RFP - Request for Proposals

RFQ - Request for Quotation

RPC - Regional Planning Committee

SDMA - Space Division Multiple Access

SDR - Software Defined Radio

SGW - Serving Gateway

SHF - Super High Frequency

SIEC - State Interoperability Executive Committee

SIS - State Identification Systems

SMR - Specialized Mobile Radio

SMS - Short Messaging System

TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TDMA - Time Division Multiple Access

TETRA - TErrestrial TRunked Radio

TIA - Telecommunications Industry Association

TIIAP - Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program

TOP - Technology Opportunities Program (formerly TIIAP)

UART - Universal Receiver/Transmitter

UE - User Equipment

UHF - Ultra High Frequency

ULS - Universal Licensing System

UWB - Ultra Wide Band

VHF - Very High Frequency

VLR - Visitor Location Register

VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

WAN - Wide Area Network

WAP - Wireless Access Point

WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network

WRC - World Radio Conference

WSCA - Western States Contracting Alliance

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