On the Horizon...

Federal telecommunications mandates can cause headaches, grief, and worse- fines or endangering lives.  EMR does what it can to help inform and protect Public Safety entities.  Here is what's on the horizon:
  • Congress included language requiring all Public Safety agencies to vacate their UHF T-Band spectrum within the next 9 years in HR3630.  As a result, an application freeze has been issued but excludes applications which do not expand the licensee's radio footprint, and do not destabilize the spectral environment.

  • HR3630 brought Public Safety the D-block, but it also brought a freeze for all public safety LTE pilots from the NTIA.  Beware of repercussions if your agency is currently working on a 700 MHz LTE project.

  • As a top-notch communications consulting firm, EMR Consulting is pleased to offer its services and 21 years of experience to agencies seeking waiver of the quickly approaching January 1, 2013 deadline for narrowbanding.  If your agency has not completed narrowbanding and may be seeking a waiver, contact us today... time is running out! 

Agencies within the State of Illinois are invited to visit EMR Consulting Group, LLC at www.emrconsultsgroup.com.